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Regret's LMS cup #3 Team Edition written by Regret, 2012-01-28 23:21 CET (1 comments)

Basic information
Cup date: Saturday 11th February 2012, 20:00
Team format: 3v3

Additional information
Shoutcast: No


- LMS1 config has to be used (uploaded below)
- CB/ESL/TZAC banned players or crossfire tagged players aren't allowed to play
- Demos have to be recorded
- At least one of the teammembers idles on #Regret.priv with a recognizeable name
- check ins are at 19:45 and will be open till 20:00, DON'T FORGET

- The winning team gives me the score on IRC #Regret.priv

- Each teammember has 10 lives. If you eliminate the lives of the opposite team you win.
- Playing as a soldier - thompson/mp40 is forced by config.
- Nades allowed
- using health/ammo stand, if present, is allowed
- Selfkill means -1 life, so you better don't use it.
- obviously, objective isn't the point of the game so don't cap flag or do anything to complete the map if that is possible
- NOT tapping out is allowed

-Teams are chosen by coin toss.

Admins: Regret

Prizes: A massive twen, oh wait. no, nothing this time, just a lot of fun ;-)

Miscellaneous information: I've been experimenting with LMS for a bit now and I feel this cup can become a serious succes and LMS should be taken more seriously.

LMS1 config download
Put this in etpro/configs and callvote the config to make it work just like any other config.
The config is downloadable from the cup page on crossfire.

Now for the cup description:

There is a maximum of 16 teams.

1st round is played on:


As I said in the rules you have to eliminate the lives of the opposite team.
If you do, you win and you'll go to the second round.

2nd round


3rd round


FINAL, which will be played on ettv


This map should make people think about tactics.

At last, I strongly suggest the teams to read the rules before game to avoid misunderstanding.
I hope you guys will enjoy this cup! People already have shown interest in this "new" way of gaming.

Contact information

IRC: #Regret.priv
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